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Growing up, my mother always encouraged me and my two sisters to pursue our interests in arts and crafts and crafts.  She taught me how to sew, crochet, knit and drove me to drawing classes.  Then as we each were married, she gave us each a Featherweight sewing machine so we could continue to sew for our own families.  I loved every minute of it and am grateful for the skills that these opportunities have given me. They have become the building blocks for my shop!  


Fast forward to today and I am a wife to a wonderful, supporting husband and mother to 3 children, two boys and and a girl.  They love to come along and help at my local events and  I have loved getting to know other local makers at these events - some whom are now close friends.

You are the best for shopping small! We appreciate every purchase, that is what makes it possible for me to explore my creative soul and have the flexibility spend time at home for my family. Proverbs 31:10-31

Thank you

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